Top Towing Tips

Top Towing Tips

Critical Winter Accessories for Heavy Equipment Tranporting Drivers

by Constance Sanders

Heavy machinery transport during winter is dangerous, which is the reason why most people don't prefer transporting heavy equipment at this time. From visibility being affected by great blizzards to high winds affecting truck stability, it makes sense why most companies sit out the winter season. However, if you have heavy equipment to transport within a tight schedule, then you might have no option but to take the job. If you take this job, you must carry with you a few extra accessories for heavy towing. This article highlights some of the must-have accessories for heavy machinery transportation during winter.

Robust Gloves 

Despite the fact that heavy-duty towing trucks are designed to withstand most weather conditions, the reality is that winter offers a different challenge altogether. For instance, the chances are that you will have to handle some mechanical issues along the way. Due to low temperatures, your sense of touch might be affected, and you can get burnt by a hot pipe and not realise it immediately. For this reason, you need robust gloves that can allow you to handle frozen fluid pipes as well as torn tire threads comfortably. Some people will wear layers of low quality gloves, but while these might keep your hands warm, the extra layers will restrict finger movement, hindering one's ability to do the repairs efficiently.    

Heavy Duty Kneeling Pads 

When your truck blows its tyres, or there is a fluid leak in some of the truck's tubing, then you are forced to do what is necessary to get back on the road. However, activities such as changing tyres or sealing leaks during winter offer a unique challenge. Since you are required to kneel during such operations, doing so in your tracks is dangerous on the frozen ground. As such, you need a pair of heavy duty kneeling pads to ensure that your knees do not suffer from blisters. Additionally, low temperatures during winter do not allow you to stay out for too long; therefore, robust kneeling pads offer the comfort needed to make repairs as fast as possible.

Quality Flashlight 

Winter is unpredictable. For example, it can be calm and snowy only for strong winds and blizzards to take over shortly after that. Therefore, whenever you are towing heavy machinery in winter, you need an all-weather quality flashlight. When visibility is reduced to only a few metres by a blizzard, you need equipment that will not only light up your working area but also withstand the harsh conditions. A heavy duty flashlight provides these two critical attributes.


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