Top Towing Tips

Top Towing Tips

Extend the Service Life of Your Horse Float With These 3 Maintenance Tips

by Constance Sanders

Horse floats often undergo extreme mechanical strain because of hauling heavy cargo. As a result, their components can start degrading if you don't perform regular maintenance and servicing. Neglecting them for extended periods will result in eventual system breakdown and total failure. As a result, this can cost you more money in repairs or replacements. 

Proper maintenance of your horse float is thus crucial to prevent such problems, and these three essential tips will help you achieve that:

Perform Thorough Inspections

Thorough inspections help you identify faulty parts and get to the bottom of trailer breakdowns. If you don't assess your trailer's modules, you might not be able to identify hidden problems, which makes the trailer susceptible to potential mechanical failures while on the road. 

Therefore, consider thoroughly evaluating your horse float especially before making any towing or haulage trip. Additionally, inspect for deformed components and worn-out parts, such as doorways, wheels and brakes. Remember to cite any functional or performance decline since this can be a tell-tale sign of impending breakdown. Consider taking your trailer on a test tow before loading it for your next haulage trip.

Establish Regular Cleaning Procedures 

The dust and dirt build-up on your horse float is an excellent recipe for its deterioration and subsequent breakdown. Hence, you must ensure thorough cleaning of your trailer every time you finish using it. Most importantly, consider cleaning its interior chamber after each haulage trip. 

Animal urine and manure might accelerate corrosion to metallic surfaces and chassis. Furthermore, the build-up of animal waste creates unhygienic conditions that are unsafe to you and the animals you might be transporting. 

Examine the Wheel Components 

Horse float wheels are designed to be highly resilient, but their tiny components can impact performance and longevity. Components like nuts and bolts can become loose over time, and failing to service regularly can cause them to dislodge or fall off. This problem can result in your horse float being unstable and prone to accidents. 

Therefore, consider tightening the wheel components or replacing them to avert potential accidents or premature equipment deterioration. Wheel bearings are also vulnerable, but you can minimise the risks by applying suitable lubricants, which your equipment manufacturer recommends. 

These are the three maintenance tips to help you extend the service life of your horse float, promote its security and enhance its overall performance. Contact companies that provide horse float repairs to learn more. 


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