Top Towing Tips

Top Towing Tips

What to Tell the Tow Company So They Send the Right Truck

by Constance Sanders

When you call a towing company because your car's been in an accident or has developed a problem that makes it impossible to drive, you don't want to encounter more obstacles. You want the tow truck to arrive, the car to be picked up, and for you and the car to quickly reach the mechanic's shop. To do that, though, you need to give the towing company some information about the car. 

If There's Damage, Does It Interfere With the Tyres? 

If you're towing the car because it's been in an accident, let the towing company know if there is damage that interferes with the operation of the tyres. You'll need the car transported on a flatbed trailer, so you don't want the towing company bringing out a truck that pulls up the front end of the car and relies on the rear tyres of the car moving freely along the road.

Is the Car in a Tight Spot?

If you've found your car not operational, but it's in a tight spot, the tow truck will be able to get it out of the space. But the driver will need to know so that they can be sure they have the right equipment. Moving a car that's parked parallel between two other cars, for example, requires a special side-pulling winch and an apparatus that goes around two tyres at a time. Plus, this can be such intense work that it's better to warn the towing company in advance instead of assuming the tow truck driver will be totally OK with the amount of work that was just dropped on them.

How Many People Need to Go With the Car?

If you have your car towed away, you don't want to end up stranded by yourself without your car. Double-check first that the tow company will allow you to ride in the truck cab so that you can go to the mechanic's shop as well. Many companies do allow this, of course, because they don't want to leave you in an unsafe location. But you may find the odd one that does not allow you to ride in the cab if you're currently in a safe location where you can get another ride. Some companies have trucks with cabs big enough for two people in addition to the driver, which is what you'll need if you've got a child or friend with you.

Once the tow truck gets your car to a mechanic, you can worry about repair bills and how to get around. But for now, concentrate on getting your car towed safely to someone who can help get the car working again.

Contact a service provider to see what type of tow truck you need for your situation. 


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