Top Towing Tips

Top Towing Tips

Why Your Next Action Could Be Critical If Your Car Is Stranded on the Highway

by Constance Sanders

Most modern-day cars or trucks are, thankfully, quite reliable and a driver can usually trust them to provide safe passage from point to point. However, whenever mechanical engineering is involved breakdowns can occur and this can sometimes leave an owner stranded by the side of the road. Furthermore, road hazards may throw up a nail or sharp stone that could puncture a tyre and this could also leave the motorist high and dry on the verge of a highway. Is it a good idea to try and deal with these issues independently should they happen or is there too much at stake?

Tyre Woes

In the not too distant future, one of the main tyre manufacturers may launch a puncture-proof tyre onto the retail marketplace. Until that time, each driver faces a risk whenever they embark on a journey and should they strike a sharp object, the sheer weight of the vehicle would bear down on that airless tyre.

Should this happen at night on the side of a busy street, danger will never be far away. While everybody knows how to change a tyre in those circumstances, such an operation could be very tricky if the wheel in question were on the side facing the moving traffic.

Battery Issues

On the other hand, the vehicle could be sidelined by a mechanical issue, such as a flat battery. In this case, it may be tempting to try and 'jumpstart' the vehicle by asking bystanders or fellow passengers to push. Once again, this could be a very dangerous operation if the vehicle was close to fast-moving traffic and it would be far better to take alternative arrangements rather than run the risk.

Professional Help

In both of these situations, the best course of action is to call in a tow truck operator. If need be, they can elevate the front or rear of the car to move the flat tyre away from the roadway or can conduct a suspended tow. Either way, they'll always be able to move the vehicle to a much safer place so that the tyre can be changed, the battery swapped out or other measures taken to get everything back to normal.

Necessary Information

All motorists should program the number of a tow truck operator into their mobile phone as a matter of course. Should they ever find themselves sidelined in this manner, they can call for assistance without further ado.


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